ICIT - IEEE 2018

From 02/20/2018 to 02/22/2018

Centre de Congrès - Cité Internationale Lyon - 50, quai Charles de Gaulle 69463 Lyon


We are happy to offer each participant several tutorials at no additional charge.

The duration of the tutorials is either two or four (2 * 2h) hours. They will take place in parallel on February 19th afternoon.

When registering for the conference please ensure you send a mail to contact@icit2018.org to specify the tutorial(s) you would like to attend.

Tutorial 1 : Mr Sunny DESAI
1 - Cybersecurity- Threats, Measures and Control in a Process Plant

Tutorial 2 : Pr Drazen DUJIC
2 - High Power Medium Frequency Transformer Design Optimization

Tutorial 3 : Dr Bernardo COGO
3 - Modern energy conversion with Wide BandGap devices: SiC and GaN characterization for high performance converters

Tutorial 4 : Pr Nihal KULARATNA
4 - Benefits of million-times larger capacitance in EDLCs: Supercapacitor assisted novel circuit topologies

Tutorial 5 : Pr Hassan BEVRANI
5 - Advances in Microgrids Control and Management

Tutorial 6 : Dr Mehdi SAVAGHEBI - Dr J GUERRERO
6 - Power Quality and Smart Metering in Microgrids

Tutorial 7 : Pr Georges ZISSIS
7 - Evolutions in the Lighting Systems’ Technology and impacts on energy, environment and human beings

Tutorial 8 : Pr Mohamed BENBOUZID
8 - Marine Tidal and Wave Energy Converters: Technologies, Conversions, Grid Interface, and Control

Tutorial 9 : Dr Hervé MOREL
9 - HVDC motivations

Tutorial 10 : Dr Christophe COILLOT
10 - Magnetic sensors principles, technology and applications

Tutorial 11 : Dr Francisco HUERTA SANCHEZ
11 - Advanced design and control system techniques for grid-connected voltage source converters with LCL filter