ICIT - IEEE 2018

Du 19/02/2018 au 22/02/2018

Centre de Congrès - Cité Internationale Lyon - 50, quai Charles de Gaulle 69463 Lyon

Call for papers

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IEEE ICIT is one of the flagship yearly conferences of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, devoted to the dissemination of new ideas, research and works in progress within the fields of intelligent and computer control systems, robotics, factory communications and automation, flexible manufacturing, data acquisition and signal processing, vision systems, and power electronics. IEEE ICIT 2018 will be held in Lyon, France, from February 20th to 22th, 2018.

The world's industry, research, and academia are cordially invited to participate in an array of presentations, tutorials, and social activities for the advancement of science, technology, engineering education, and fellowship.


Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

Control Systems, Robotics and Mechatronics - Advanced control techniques, nonlinear and adaptive control, optimal and robust control, estimation and identification techniques, intelligent control, complex systems control, networked control, industrial control applications (e.g. smart grids, renewable energy systems, automotive, aerospace, shipping, biological systems, biomedical engineering, micro/nano systems), Mechatronics systems, robotics, autonomous mobile robots, telerobotics and teleoperation, humanoid robots, multi-robot systems, intelligent transportation, distributed collaborative systems, security & safety applications, human-robot interface, vision-based robots, advanced control techniques, nonlinear and adaptive control, optimal and robust control, estimation and identification techniques, neural networks, fuzzy algorithms, evolutionary computing, intelligent control of robotics, industrial mechatronic systems, sliding mode control, nano-scale servo systems, automotive motion control and innovative control strategies in advanced motion control.
Track chairs:
Seiichiro Katsura, Keio University, JAPAN
Eric Bideau, University of Lyon, FRANCE
Valeriy Vyatkin Aalto University, Helsinki, FINLAND

Electrical Machines and Drives - Special machines and actuators, multiphase motors, AC motor drives control and applications, observers and sensorless methods, electrical machine design and modeling, thermal, noise and vibration issues in electrical machines, reliability, testing and diagnostics, fault detection in machines and drives, motion control, special application of machines and drives, HVAC, advanced traction control of electric vehicles and electric trains, electrical drives for ships and for aerospace. Advanced techniques in real and off line simulation of industrial drives power system and electromechanical devices.
Track chairs:
Giulio De Donato, University of Rome "La Sapienza", ITALY
Emil Levi, Liverpool John Moores University, UK
Christophe Espanet, Sonceboz, SWITZERLAND
Franck Betin, Université de Picardie Jules Verne, FRANCE

Power Electronics - Power converters, power electronic devices, SiC Mosfet & SiC JFET technologies, modulation techniques, integrated power electronics, modeling, simulation and control of power electronics, DC-DC, DC-AC, AC-DC conversion, AC/AC matrix converters, multilevel converters, fault tolerant converters, high frequency links, soft switching techniques, active rectifiers, inverters, UPS, power electronics for smart grid, EMI and EMC issues, thermal issues, strategies and solutions.
Track chairs:
Florent Morel, University of Lyon, FRANCE
Chandan Chakraborty, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, INDIA
Óscar Lucía, University of Zaragoza, SPAIN

Renewable Energy Systems - Wind, solar, thermal and hydraulic energy converters, nano, pico and micro-hydro power generators, integrated renewable systems, offshore underwater converters, energy harvesting.
Track chairs:
Ramon Blasco Gimenez, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, SPAIN
Concettina Buccella, University of L'Aquila, ITALY
Ruben Peña, Concepcion University, CHILE
Giovanni Petrone, Università di Salerno, ITALY

Power Systems and Smart Grids - Large and small hydro generators, energy transmission and distribution, static VAR and harmonic compensations, FACTs, active and hybrid filtering, power quality devices, power management, modeling, simulation and control of power system, grid interconnection, distributed power generation, diagnostics, smart grid technologies, intelligent control systems, multi-agent systems, global and constrained optimization, electricity market liberalization.
Track chairs:
Pierluigi Siano University of Salerno, ITALY
Peter Palensky TU Delft, NETHERLANDS
Manuela Sechilariu, UTC, FRANCE

Sensors, Actuators and Micro-Nanotechnology - Intelligent sensors, actuators and multi-sensor fusion, micro-sensors and micro-actuators, micro-nano technology, electronic instrumentation, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), RF systems integration, integrated optics and related technologies, polymer electronics, nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, microfluidics, lab-on-chip devices and technologies, MOEMS, RF-MEMS, systems on chip (SoC), RF systems integration - integrated optics and related technologies. wireless and wire line communication circuits, polymer electronics.
Track chairs:
Antonio Luque, University of Seville, SPAIN
Marie Robin, University of Lyon 1, FRANCE
Yasutaka Fujimoto, Yokohama National University, JAPAN

Cloud Computing, Big Data and Software Engineering – Cloud computing, big data, data analysis and extraction, computer networking, communication protocols, telecommunication, wireless system, algorithms, distributed systems, industrial database applications, service oriented architecture, service integration, communication standards, internetworking, mobile communication, information security and trust.
Track chairs:
Gerhard Petrus Hancke, City University of Hong Kong, CHINA
Kim Fung Tsang, City University of Hong Kong, CHINA
Stamatis Karnouskos, SAP, GERMANY

Electronic Systems on Chip and Embedded Control - Real time simulation algorithms, DSP and FPGA technologies, microprocessor and FPGA based control, real time implementation and control, VHDL applications, embedded systems, real-time distributed embedded systems, technologies for system design, electronic system on chip (SoC), design methodologies and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools, PowerSoC.
Track chairs:
Alin Tisan, Anglia Ruskin University, UK
Hipolito Guzman, University of Sevilla, SPAIN
Mickael Hilairet, University of Franche-Comté, FRANCE

Signal and Image Processing and Computational Intelligence - Computer vision, virtual reality systems, industrial vision, virtual instrumentation, image & sound processing, digital signal processing, remote sensing, multimedia applications, neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, industrial applications of intelligent controllers, metaheuristic.
Track chairs:
François Auger, University of Nantes, FRANCE
Liebgott Hervé, University of Lyon, FRANCE
Shen Yin, Harbin Institute of Technology, CHINA

Automation, Communication, Networking and Informatics - Building automation, factory automation and communications, flexible manufacturing systems, industrial vision, autonomous mobile robots, electrical vehicles, intelligent transportation, industrial agents, integrated systems and processes, distributed collaborative systems, human-machine interfaces, security & safety applications, infrastructures for industrial informatics portable electronics, automation systems for power distribution, industrial applications of internet technologies, multimedia, wired and wireless communications, power line communication, internet of things.
Track chairs:
Joern Ploennigs, IBM Research, IRELAND
Fatih Camci, Antalya International University, TURKEY
Lucia Lo Bello, University of Catania, ITALY
Fabien Mieyeville, University of Lyon, FRANCE

Energy Transportation, Energy Management and HVDC Supergrid - Network devices and components, isolation, partial discharges, HV active devices and components, HVDC packaging, gate driver for HVDC devices, conversion architectures, aging and failures mechanisms, reduced scale and one scale test setups, EMI and EMC, grid architectures, grid management, grid supervision and communication, grid security, economic policy.
Track chairs:
Hervé Morel, University of Lyon, FRANCE
Sedik Bacha, Grenoble University, FRANCE
Michel Mermet-Guyennet, Supergrid Institute, FRANCE
Ilhami Colak, Nisantasi University, TURKEY

Energy Storage Systems - Energy efficiency and storage; energy storage devices and systems; Operating protocol optimization; Electrical and thermal modelling ; Ageing tests and ageing laws ; Estimation of state of health (SoH) and state of function (SoF) ; Strategies for performance, lifetime, cycle-life improvement ; Electrochemical ageing phenomenon analysis ; Diagnostic and prognostics methods ; Real-time model parameters identification and estimation ; Charging/discharging strategies ; Accelerated testing procedures and characterizations ; Strategies for performance, lifetime, cycle-life improvement ; Electrical hysteresis modelling ; Diagnostic methods ; Energy Management Systems: Architectures, Semiconductor Technologies, loads ; Balancing circuit, equalization techniques, thermal management ; Health-monitoring ; Capital expenditure and Operating expenditure analyze ; Amortized lifetime cost study.
Track chairs:
Serge Pelissier, IFSTTAR, FRANCE
Amine Lahyani, INSAT, TUNISIA
Federico Baronti, Universita` di Pisa , ITALY

Medical and Healthcare Robotics and Automation - Human movement, surgery emulator, high performance actuator, shared control, adaptative control, positioning and localization, sensory systems, human-machine interfacing, wireless energy transfer, mobile energy storage, medical electronics.
Track chairs:
Norbert Noury, University of Lyon, FRANCE
Arnaud Leleve, University of Lyon, FRANCE

E-mobility - Electric propulsion, marine drive trains, railway drive trains, more electric aircraft, Vehicle to Home (V2H), power electronics for drive train, Vehicle to Grid (V2G), Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V), emerging charging technologies, charging infrastructure, wireless charging, modeling , simulation of vehicle systems, intelligent vehicle control and autonomous vehicles, static and dynamic wireless power transfer (WPT) for EVs (compact, car, city-car, SUVs, plug-in HEV, bus, train, E-bike); WPT system and component design; WPT system monitoring; EMI/EMC and shielding methodologies.
Track chairs:
Loic Boulon, UQTR, CANADA
Pradyumn Chaturvedi, Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, INDIA

Education & standards - ICTs and laboratory sessions; remote e-learning; internet applications; education and social networks; education and smart devices; sustainable development ICT aspects; on-line courses, educational research.
Track chairs:
Andreja Rojko, ECPE European Center for Power Electronics, GERMANY
C.J. (Allen) Chen, Innovatech Solutions, USA
David Rousseau, University of Lyon, FRANCE
Paulo Leitao, Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, PORTUGAL

Submission deadline is December 1st, 2017. Later submissions can be considered on special request.